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Siapa yang Benar? dan siapa yang Salah?


Setiap orang memiliki cara pemikiran yang berbeda-beda dan tidak bisa disama ratakan. Perselisihan pendapat sudah menjadi hal yang sering ditemukan dalam sebuah kehidupan. Dan setiap orang pasti merasa dirinyalah yang benar.

Saya tidak ingin berpikir bahwa orang lain itu salah dan sayalah yang benar. Tetapi yang saya inginkan adalah berdamai diantara dua pendapat atau lebih yang berbeda. Tetapi bagaimana caranya? dan sayapun tidak tahu bagaimana caranya untuk berdamai dengan hal itu.

Ketika ingin berdamai dengan cara mengikuti benar dan salah dari perspective orang lain maka kehidupan sayapun merasa tersiksa karena pikiran saya menentangnya tetapi saya harus mengikutinya. Ketika saya lebih memilih pendapat saya yang merasa benar maka orang lain pun akan menentangnya. Terus bagaimana? yeah kita tidak bisa memaksakan diri kita dan orang lain untuk mengakui hal benar dan salah dari pribadi yang berbeda.

Mungkin hal yang bisa kita lakukan adalah berdamai dengan orang yang ingin berdamai……..



Dear K, i don’t ask you to understand but i hope we can find a peace



Are we fail?


Nice words that made us knowing each others

Nice words that made our days

and the golden watch was the first place to contact our eyes

we were enjoy with ice cream and strawberry juice in a small cafe

and you were so picky and i took all coffee jelly on your ice cream

then, we had a journey to find 55th floor in the building until we got trap in the lift and we were silly but that was fun, right?

security man came at us because we were in the wrong place for sitting down

and finally, we found place to talk about everything until we had to say good bye

But i wasn’t sad in that time because i was sure that we would touch and “you had promise”

day by day, our feeling were changed, it wasn’t nice anymore

Busy is the word that you always say until everything is gone

¬†i won’t wait anymore ūüôĀ

and we are fail for the moment



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Lampion di Yogyakarta

Holiday? yeah, it’s really great reset button
after getting drama life
i can’t wait to start fresh
to tear the rest of my pages
i need a change
i need to be someone new
i am not going to be coward anymore
i am going to start brand new
i am going to work harder
be smarter!
be stronger!

Change myself because i can’t change other people



Pine forests in Gunung Pancar Bogor

Light from the sun is coming in the morning

Windy comes to wiping the leaves

oxygen which unlimited can be inhaled

animals are busy to find their life

with a vision and mission that has not been revealed

when the sun return the moon

animals taking turns to look for the direction of life at night

and that is how the nature teach us


The Dark


The dark of a night was cover in the last day

I saw him, was sitting on the wood chair

And his hair looks so sparkling under the yellow light

His blue eyes started to see me

I came and closer

And he said “hi!”

Smiling together to seeing the dark night

Before we realized, that day was our last day to see the dark together



——Poem for the dark night——-


The Wind


The wind bring me somewhere

Somewhere which i never know where i am

But I have a mind

I shouldn’t afraid

When  the wind bring me to somewhere far away

Because i can survive with my mind

I can find my world where i am

I can find the light that can help me to walk in the dark




Silent when people suffering

Silent when people need help

Silent when people are messy

Does Silent is golden?

Please learning about golden to your hand

Because your hand will not let your teardrops


Etiolase Life


Time is running

But you feel nothing

Time is running

But you feel so weak

Your mind is empty

And the world doesn’t know you

That is your etiolase life

Life without a power


Should i stop?


when i bring heavy things

I wanna stop for the moment

when i bring the things but it’s really heavy

I wanna stop and leave it

and also I don’t wanna take it anymore

But should I do that?

I want it but I can’t

because i should look at the things

the things which i should take it

the thing which i should bring it

the thing which i should have it



Dear Driver


We are walker which has bad experiences with you

Dear drivers…….

please give us a way to walk

Dear drivers…

Don’t crush us when we walk on the path

Dear drivers….

Please control your emotional in the street

Because that makes us in dangerous

Dear drivers….

Please appreciate us as walker


Hasil gambar untuk motor nerobos trotoar