Are we fail?


Nice words that made us knowing each others

Nice words that made our days

and the golden watch was the first place to contact our eyes

we were enjoy with ice cream and strawberry juice in a small cafe

and you were so picky and i took all coffee jelly on your ice cream

then, we had a journey to find 55th floor in the building until we got trap in the lift and we were silly but that was fun, right?

security man came at us because we were in the wrong place for sitting down

and finally, we found place to talk about everything until we had to say good bye

But i wasn’t sad in that time because i was sure that we would touch and “you had promise”

day by day, our feeling were changed, it wasn’t nice anymore

Busy is the word that you always say until everything is gone

¬†i won’t wait anymore ūüôĀ

and we are fail for the moment



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